Goupil Industrie strive to propose the best possible metallic solutions, in wire, tube and sheet metal for its customers.

GOUPIL Industrie is a manufacturer created in 1947. We are recognized for over 65 years in the field of metallurgy. We provide qualities solutions in wire, in tube and sheet metal.

From prototype to mass production, we offer a wide range of products made 100 % in France.

Our design department is at your disposal to support you and advise you throughout the process to create a unique product that meets your requirements and constraints.

Our constant concern is to meet your needs by offering new, cost-effective and best suited solutions.

Based in Beaugency (in the Centre region of France), we operate from 3 sites:

  • a production unit, surface area of 4000m² - in Beaugency (45)
  • a logistic center, surface area of 1500m² - in Meung sur Loire (45)
  • a surface treatment unit, surface area of 8000m² - in La Vespière (14)

GOUPIL Industrie works for various sectors of activities in France and in Europe:


  • Wire work: forming, welding, assembling etc…
  • The work with tube: bending, folding, cutting, drilling etc…
  • The sheet metal working: punching, nibbling, cutting, gluing etc…
  • Surface treatment : epoxy painting, zinc plating, galvanizing, polishing, laminating etc…


Steel, stainless, galvanized wire, (PVC, wood, chipboard, glass...). Our materials are selected for their quality in accordance to rigorous requirements.


Epoxy Painting, Chromium, White or Bichromated Zinc, Polyethylene, Galvanization, Food varnish, Electrolytic polishing...


Our equipment is associated with the latest data-processing and technological developments. We have a system of recent production: automatic welding robots, numerically/ digitally bending robots 2D-3D...




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